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UI/UX   |   2023

Flonnect video editor

Designing the video editing experience for the flonnect app users

UI design   |   2023

Step recorder

Redesigning the chrome extension to match the flonnect branding

Visual design   |   2023

Adspyder homepage

Revamping homepage for a visually appealing and sign-up focused experience.

UI showcase

Text to speech chrome extension UI

Adcollector dashboard

Youtube bookmark

Helloprenup landingpage

Endomastery landingpage

Graphic and motion design

Graphic design collection

Adspyder video

Instagram motion reel

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Hey👋, I’m Anosh Pinto! My design journey started in engineering when I discovered my passion for design and tech. Using tools like Photoshop during my engineering days, I found joy in designing for college and church events. Chris Do’s video on the Futur channel opened my eyes to the problem-solving aspect of design, prompting me to test my skills on platforms like 99designs with positive responses✨. This validation led me to a serious pursuit of design. After graduation, I completed two internships and then aimed for an in-office position. I successfully secured a role at GSTech Technologies in Bangalore, working on diverse projects from marketing designs to building products. Now, I’m eager for the next exciting opportunity to contribute based on my learning and expertise.🤝

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Text to speech chrome extension UI

Text to voice converter is a professional Chrome extension that can convert any text into speech. A Text-to-speech voice converter lets you read documents aloud on your laptop or desktop. Text-to-speech is now one of daily life's most commonly used features, especially if you are a teacher, student, working professional, or content creator.

Adcollector dashboard

Adcollector is a chrome extension to collect Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube™, Google™ ads while browsing through your feed. It collect in feed ads and shows all of them at one place. You can later keep your favourite ads by saving them or delete from the existing list.

Youtube bookmark chrome extension

Maximize your YouTube viewing experience with YouTube Bookmarker & Resumer. Save, organize and pick up where you left off. With the YouTube Bookmarker & Resumer, you can easily bookmark your favorite videos and resume watching from where you left off, without having to search for the video again. This extension comes with a host of features to enhance your YouTube viewing experience, including adding notes to bookmarks and searching previously added bookmarks. Whether you're a casual YouTube viewer or a dedicated content creator, it is the perfect tool to help you stay organized and never miss a moment of your favorite videos.

Hello prenup landing page

HelloPrenup is a service catering to couples planning marriage. They offer an online platform to create prenuptial agreements (prenups), aiming to make the process affordable, accessible, and collaborative. Through their platform, couples can draft a customized prenup tailored to their state and specific needs, fostering open communication around finances before marriage. While convenient, consulting with an attorney is always recommended to ensure the prenup's legal validity and aligns perfectly with individual needs.

Endomastery landing page

EndoMastery, co-founded by Dr. Albert (Ace) Goerig, provides seminars and coaching for endodontic practices, guiding doctors and teams to achieve growth and a fulfilling life. Their approach, rooted in Dr. Goerig's top-tier practice and coaching experience, focuses on clinical efficiency, teamwork, scheduling, marketing, and financial freedom. The personalized strategy aims to transform both the practice and personal life, as encapsulated in their slogan, "Transform Your Practice, Transform Your Life!" Endo Mastery extends its support to the entire team, recognizing their roles and fostering personal and professional growth.

Graphic design collection

A compilation of my graphic design projects from the past three years.

Adspyder video

This video explains the features and benefits of adspyder.

Instagram reels

These are the Instagram reels I created for

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